Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to what I shoulda been doing anyway!

I'm NOT organized by nature.
It's all learned behavior... and most of the time it seems that I
haven't learned it too well, yet.
But I trudge on.

While recently praying (complaining) about
my endless "To-Do" list,
Jesus pointed out that I've wandered away from actually
making a physical "To Do List"....
it's that crazy list in my head that seems to be the only record
of what's supposed to be happening.
When I'm relying on the "brain-list,"
the jobs & chores just go round & round
in my head, and I count them over & over, getting more & upset
each time I think of them.

The Spirit gently pointed me back to my giant, red,
3-hole punch organizer/calendar that has sat, rejected, on my
desk... so close to me yet so ignored, so abandoned.

So I obeyed.
(always the BEST option!)
I made a detailed list of small, do-able tasks;
breaking down larger things into short jobs.
Planned ahead & instantly started breathing slower!

And WOWsa!
My day was crazy productive!
I did even MORE than what was listed!

Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me of what You've already
taught me to do...
and not just conking me on the head
(though I totally deserve that, too!)

How do you handle the many tasks/demands of your life?
What method has God directed you to use?
Are you actually doing it? Why? Why not?


Kathryn said...

I love this! It's true that once I get things on paper the endless carousel of tasks in my head slows down enough for me to focus on what's important. I've been a sticky note girl, lately - I like being able to cross things off and throw them away when the jobs are finished =)

Erin said...

WOAH! I seriously went to bed last night thinking this exact thing! I've been doing better regarding the date-book/planner, but the general todo list has been neglected. My last thoughts as I fell asleep last night were, "I have that one small spiral notebook... that would work well..." "Thank You Jesus for persistance in speaking and for speaking similar words to Your kids so we can encourage each other to grow and be accountable for what we know!" and thank you Netta for sharing and making me accountable for follow through on what God is telling me too!

Love you!!! (more than the D =D )

Mary Beth said...

Hilarious Netta... BECAUSE I too am organizationally challenged... and I just had this same revelation a couple of weeks ago. I used to write my list on Sunday morning during the second service. LOL Don't tell. Steve said, "What are you doing during the second service message... I KNOW you are not taking notes AGAIN! " LOL

Thanks for encouraging me to get with it.