Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Powerful than you think

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we're powerful you know!

Whatever we lead ... in any kind of position, we have the power
to shape & mold.
You already knew that.

But I've been thinking for several weeks about how spiritual
leaders have the "power" to give someone a great impression
of Jesus....
or ...
a wrong, angry, judgmental impression of Jesus.

Especially kids...
How many adults have you encountered that told you about how
they didn't like church as a child & the first chance they got
they split & never went back? If you prob deeper they may
tell you a story of a harsh person who scolded them, or a
Sunday School teacher who informed them that they were
dressed "disrespectfully"... or whatever.
That scolded child then became an adult who thinks God is
very much like that cranky lady at his childhood church.

It's scary.
Our position as leaders (at any level) holds the ability
to form a person's view of God. Although this sounds silly
and we can all argue that
"we're not perfect" &
that "people shouldn't look at people they should look at God,"
etc... it's true.

Plain & simple.

If my life reflects love, kindness & compassion...
then I'm impressing on others that
GOD is LOVE, Kindness & Compassion!

If I am NOT reflecting these qualities then I'm
giving people the wrong impression of JESUS!

Even when I must correct, guide & teach...
it MUST be in LOVE, kindness & compassion!

Please keep me be aware of YOU & allow Your
Holy Spirit to speak & live through me!


Kelly Satterfield said...

My kids and I have been talking about this very thing the last week, you may be the only Jesus someone sees so if they can't see Jesus in you, you may have missed the opportunity to show them who HE is! Thank you Netta for this beautiful reminder.

Andrea said...

I work with kids everyday who probably get yelled at more than they get encouragement and love... I pray that even on my "bad days" that I would remember that each day is not about me... the moments that I invest in these kids are molding them for the future. I cant afford to be selfish...they must see the difference in me, and maybe one day they will know that it is the love of God.