Monday, June 22, 2009

Twenty Years!

This is Chilly... and
I'm in love with this man!

In honor of Father's Day (2 days ago)
our 20th Anniversary (tomorrow)
I am happily listing (in no particular order)
some of the many things I love & admire
about My Man!


- Wrestles our little boys every morning

- Spends his day off with all of us

- Never complains about our meals

- Never complains about the condition of our house

- Never really complains about anything, actually

- Loves being with our family

- Willingly rearranges his schedule to help the
family schedule run more smoothly

- Takes care of projects around the house;
he's never needed a "honey-do" list!

- Puts God first, our marriage second

- Has late-night conversations with our teenagers

- Prays... EVERYDAY
(well, it's during the night, really)

- Actually OBEYS what God speaks to him

- Plays video games with the kids

- Teases me & keeps me laughing!

- Willing to take the risks that real faith requires!

- Knows & continually studies The WORD!

- Wants me to get more sleep

- Lives what he preaches

- Likes hanging out with me! :)

- Invests in other peoples' lives

- Gets a kick outa the fact that I can still kick
over my head!

- Isn't all wrapped up in "having stuff" & happily
lives on less

- Gives more

- Lets me have the closet in our room

- Lets me talk... and talk... when I need to

- Lets me cry... and cry... when I need to

- Makes me laugh, even when I think I don't
want to, but REALLY do need to!

- Is the leader of our family

- Isn't swayed by fads or peer pressure

- Is blazing new trails

- Has gorgeous eyes

- Listens to & considers my opinions

- Sets high standards & lives up to them

- Rejoices in the success of others

- Is committed to God, me & our family-
for LIFE!

- Is more than a blog could list!
Chilly, it's a joy to be married to you!
I'm so, SO thankful that 7,300 days ago
you said, "I DO!"

I love you!
Happy 20th Anniversary!!!

"I do"


Together We Save said...

How wonderful. You sound so happy and in love. Congrats.

Jaime said...

Congrats! Our 10 year anniversary is Friday!

Margie said...

so SWEET!!

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

You guys are awesome. I love marriage-love bragging.

This past weekend I sat under a tent with a bunch of little kids and got my cheek painted "I (heart) David." I was the only adult with a painted face :)

Lana said...

7300 days?! That is awesome! Love you both!