Thursday, June 18, 2009

35 Ways to Save Money

Hey, it's a full week here in the D.
Chilly's big brother, Vic & wife, Carole and
our niece, Annalyn are here. Their youth
ministry is here on a missions trip....
doing outreach in the city. Cool.

The kids and I are hanging out with Annalyn
and doing lotsa fun cousin stuff, and enjoying
some free stuff that Detroit has to offer
.... which will make a nice little picture post
for another day.

(Hart Plaza, downtown)

Speaking of FREE, and saving money...
here's a link to a GREAT site that
I read often. She's posted 35 ways to cut down
on your grocery bill, with links to all sorts of
info explaining each suggestion.

It's good stuff!

Happy Thursday!

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Margie said...

thanks for sharing Netta!