Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Florida with My Man!!!

Chilly & I returned on Sunday evening from a 5 day
trip to St. Pete Beach, Florida! We were part of a
church planter's conference and Chilly spoke on
the closing night. Being away was great & I could
write paragraphs on it all. But I won't... just a
bullet list with a few pics.

Wonderful things about our trip...
(in no particular order)

- Seeing the new airport
terminal in Detroit

- Flying in a airplane...
it's been 3 years!

- Getting 5 straight days with Chilly
all to MYSELF!!
(it's been.... years?)

- Only having to get myself
ready each day

- Eating out... translation-
"Not cooking"

- Actually enjoying seafood...
(it's been... never BEFORE!)

- Had a great time hanging out with friends

- Staying RIGHT on the beach & spending time
with Jesus out on the little patio each morning!

- Riding in the convertible in the sunshine!

- Meeting other church planter's and future
church planter's & hearing their stories

- Not having to set an
alarm for
several days!

- Taking pictures,

- A tiny frig full of
Diet Coke!

- Knowing that our friends & oldest daughters were
lovingly caring for our kids

- Meeting other woman in ministry

- Hearing my husband share the vision God gave us
for Detroit... and being a part of the prayer time
when the Holy Spirit rocked the house!

- The feeling of the sunshine
on our pasty white
Michigan bodies...
and getting a tan!

- Not having to "get used"
to the ocean water...
it was 82 degrees!

-Driving along the shore, laughing, praising, singing,
enjoying the wind in my hair, driving over a ton of
really beautiful bridges

(This is Sunshine Skyway)

- Going to a cute little area
called John's Pass, enjoying
the boardwalk, shops & even saw dolphins

- Celebrating 20 years
of marriage
(a couple weeks early!)

- Falling even MORE in love
with Chilly!

- Feeling the sand between my toes

- Loving the time away and
having God continue
to grow a strong love of home
in our hearts!

- Knowing that
God is putting
a miracle together
and we get to
be a part of it!

- Falling even MORE in love with JESUS!

- Realizing that we will ALWAYS remember this week!


Lori said...

sounds like an amazing time! Good for you!

Lana said...

I so enjoyed the pics! And my eyes filled with TEARS when I realized that "20 years" is just around the corner for you!! What awesome timing for an awesome trip! Love you!

Jaime said...

So glad you guys had and awesome time to share with one another!