Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Our day...
in pictures...
& a few captions!

The view outside
our house!

Loadin' up
all 5 kids
and the
red & white


All the pop cans
and 2 ltr bottles
we took to the
grocery store to

(In Michigan we pay a
$ .10 deposit on every
can or bottle at purchase,
but get it back when we feed it into the fun machines
in grocery stores!

Leaving Target...
without the
cheap, tiny-
sized blush
I was wanting.

But I did, however, get
one of the other things I really
wanted by this point...


The car needed
a little something, too!

Because we needed to...

drop Mariah off at the
hair salon & start driving
all over to find the Salvation
Army I'd googled at home
earlier that morning.

Hmm, now there's NO
buildings in sight.
WHERE is this place??

Poor little guy is sick of being
in the car... and it's naptime!

Then we finally found it...
(thanks to a text msg to
"ChaCha") it was HUGE but tucked in the
corner of a plaza.

and the sign at
the entrance said...

Sweet... that's what we drove all over to get!

And that tiny,
cheap blush I wanted...

don't be grossed out
it was NEW & NOT

A game purchased &
bored boys in a cart!

Picked up Mariah from the
hair salon... cool hair!

View inside the car

Mom may be losing it!

Ok good, we're
nearly home now.

Wonderful friend, Andrea,
greets us. She's there
to help out today!

Takin' stuff inside just
in time to carry stuff
(keyboard) out to a

Thanks, Anthony.

While they
set up
at the funeral
home I
returned some
LATE books
and said, "hi"
to my
favorite librarian,

Then I walked to the funeral home for the service.

Anthony & Mariah
playing "Amazing Grace"

for light refreshments
with the family.

This is the parking log across from the church.

Snacks. and my friend, Ilene.

After taking Ilene home I noticed
"something was a foot" at the
famous IGLOO ice cream spot.

Big trucks were unloading film equipment... hmm

Camera tripods & other things...
several movies have been shot right here
in our own Hamtramck!

An interesting house nearby... ???

Next on the schedule...
a Mary Kay grand opening
party at the park.

(Did I mention that I haven't
eaten since the 1/2 sandwich
during the car picnic...
about 7 hours earlier. )

Finally, a quick stop at my
favorite Hamtramck restaurant...
Maria Comida!

Yeah, It's
That means $.99

(and a few quiet
minutes to catch
up on some missed
phone calls)

After a nice chat with
Maria and her family
I headed home to mine..


husband said...

... my day was crazy busy but NOTHING compared to yours! heading home in the morning! love YOU!

Ruth Chowdhury said...

I love the snapshots of the day! Sounds crazy busy. Glad you stayed alive through it all. :) Love you, Netta!

Erin said...

I could barely get all that done in a day...and I don't have 5 kids! It's inspiring, really.

I think this "day in the life" should be a regular feature. Love it!

Jess said...

yeah, i love this blog. i agree that it should be a more frequent feature! love you, netta!

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

Wow Netta ... you seem bored. You really could use a hobby or something ... *wink*

postmodwarrior said...

i really like the picture anthology of the day. thanks for being so encouraging and helpful. i learn a lot from you. Thank you.


Shelby Maidment said...

that salvation army is the corner of our neighborhood. You were 1 mintute away from our driveway. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! The kids & I loved the story of your day. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does the picnics in the car. (Smile) Also, have you ever tried the popcorn at Targets to go with your diet coke...I think it's yummy.

Now, I'm gonna have to find out where that Salvation Army is. (Smile, again)


Anthony :) said...

I'm honored to be a part of your post! What a crazy day (especially the funeral)!