Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear Mom

I had the privilege of
receiving several free books,
straight from the publisher to
read & blog about.

DEAR MOM by Melody Carlson
is one of them & I FINISHED this one!
(well, I usually finish books,
but it takes a while;
this one went quickly)

Written in first person, as though a teenager is speaking
directly to her Mom, the author gives some insight into the
world/thoughts/emotions/hardships of a typical American
teenage girl. Most Mom's would probably relate.

I don't agree with everything she writes. We don't have
to subscribe to the "American" idea of a "teenager."
Over the years I've know MANY... hundreds...
of teenagers who decided they were NOT average
or "just a teen"... they were created by GOD for a
purpose... and that purpose doesn't begin when we're
adults. It's NOW!

Not only have I witnessed hundreds of other teens living
their lives strong for Jesus, we have two in own house!
Our two oldest daughters, Mariah & Courtney LOVE JESUS!
They don't sport the snotty attitudes and horrid insecurities
that so many girls experience.
They're NOT the norm... according to "society."
But then again, we shouldn't take our cues from the world.
According to God's Word ...
they're just what they should be!

I'm so grateful to be their Mom!
So thankful!

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