Saturday, May 23, 2009

Strange Week... in no particular order

A young teen who attends our church disappears/runs from home
for nearly 24 hrs.... but is found safely. Not sure of the details.

Attended Mariah's last softball games of the season.

Made grilled pizza for the first time... pretty successful.

My house is a wreak.

My friend's teenage son was robbed at gun point...
a block from our house. He's ok & they caught the guy.

I won my first trophy on the wii mario cart! Max & Chilly were proud!

My Mom went through a medical procedure where her heart is
stopped and restarted again... and she's doing fine!

Got completely turned around south of Detroit called
the downriver area and made a 15 minutes drive into
nearly an hour! ugh.

Drove down our alley right after the police arrested a bunch of
guys at gun point. (We know this cuz Chilly was a few minutes
ahead of me & he saw it go down... as he quickly backed his
car out of the alley!)

Just discovered a library book that was due weeks ago. (Maybe the
library will take down my "Most Wanted" picture now!)

We turned on air conditioning for the 1st time this season... but
I really like the windows open (except when the neighbors are smoking
next to their windows - they're only 6 feet away!)

Got a couple new things for our trip to Florida next month.
Chilly's speaking & I get to go along... and sit on a discussion panel, too.
I'm so excited to GO!

Real Church was packed again last Saturday & Sunday... and lots
of Salvations and people who are REALLY growing in the Lord!

I'm using my goofy "creativity" to teach adults on Wed. nights...
(and they don't seem too opposed to it)

Used a new nail polish color, thanks to Erika
(Hey, I'm a big fan of painted nails & new colors!)

On Monday I made 4 loaves of homemade bread & an hour
later our neighbor gave us 4 loaves. So happy for our big freezer.

Cried a lot in prayer this week... carrying others' burden to Jesus.
(that's an honor & exciting cuz He answers!!!)

Finally folded the clean towels that have been sitting in
the basket for nearly a week! sheesh!

Lost several bids on ebay... that's OK.

Took a zillion pictures of my kids at the softball games &
playing outside in the "back front" ...
(that's what Chase calls the back yard!)

Realizing the wonderful protection, direction and GRACE
of our Lord JESUS CHRIST!

I love You, Jesus!
I love my life!


erika said...

yeah that does sound like a crazy week!

i wish i could of come to more softball games- they were so much fun!

chilly said...

You said, "our house is a wreak" ... hmmm, I got curious about what you might mean by 'wreak':

  /rik/ Pronunciation [reek]

–verb (used with object)
1. to inflict or execute (punishment, vengeance, etc.): They wreaked havoc on the enemy.
2. to carry out the promptings of (one's rage, ill humor, will, desire, etc.), as on a victim or object: He wreaked his anger on the office staff.

bef. 900; ME wreken, OE wrecan; c. G rächen to avenge, ON reka to drive, avenge, Goth wrikan to persecute; akin to L urgēre to drive, push

Related forms:
wreaker, noun

1. visit, vent, unleash.

chilly said...

Ahhh, or did you mean: 'wreck'??

You're cute (and amazing)!

Margie said...

WOW! what a busy week! Still praying for you guys!

Next time you are lost downriver, call me. Seriously, I'll send you my number