Monday, May 11, 2009

That's NOT an option!

Parents must stick to their standards on things
of great importance.

My Parents never made church attendance optional.

Never made tithing an option (even from my small allowance).

Never let disrespectful words come out of my mouth
(that didn't go punished, that is! ) ha!

Scripture memorization wasn't optional.

Attending school wasn't optional.


The school thing might seem a little outa place, but most
parents would never dream of letting their kids miss school
unless they're deathly sick... yet tons of parents will "let
their child decide if they wanna go to church & live a holy life."

yet... which has eternal value?
Which will truly help them through life when nothing else will?
I'm not against education... just putting it into perspective.

You know why many parents allow their kids to make
"serving Jesus" an option?
Cuz they wanna keep it optional for themselves, too!
Mom & Dad can't insist on something that they're not willing
to live up to themselves!

Thank you, Mom, for sticking to your standards of holiness.
Thank you, Mom, for not letting a sassy teenager always get her way.
Thank you, Mom, for truly living what you know is right.
Thank you, Mom, for being "Mom," instead of trying to be popular,
Thank you, Mom, that serving Jesus was & is not an optional
way of life for you! It IS life to you... and to ME!

I love you, Mom!

Mom & Zoe in Feb. 2009

(note: My Dad lives with Jesus, face-to-face, and is probably
shouting, "Preach it, Netta Sue!")


Lana said...

So good. Love you

Anonymous said...

Preach on Sis...Preach on!

Much luv, Stephanie