Saturday, July 31, 2010

You know you live in the city when... Part 1

(I've been writing these ideas down for months...
and this is first of two blogs. The statements in here are real,
and the purpose is for entertainment and encouragement

You know you live in the city when...

Your 3 year old puts a baseball cap on the Potato Head, tips it
sideways and starts to beat box!

When you show up at a McDonald's just as the police
drive away & you find out that there was a huge fight
and two people were arrested.
(This is the point where I say,
"Oh man, I always miss the good stuff!")

During the quiet morning time that you're hanging out
with Jesus you suddenly hear a low rumbly noise...
"boom, boom, kaboom, chaka boom boom." At first
you think maybe your heating system has gone nuts,
then you realize that the neighbors (only feet away)
are playing music... loudly! already!
I can just block it out.

When the library is more of a tutoring center
& place to use the internet than anything else.
(Our local library has really kind & caring employees!
I give them huge props for all the ways they help
the kids of this area!)

When you give your 3 yr. & 5 yr. old boys a little toy
farm tractor and truck and they pick it up, turn it
around and then say,
"What am I supposed to do with this?"

When you get text messages from ladies in your church
that begin with, "Wat up?"

When your 3 year old asks you "What's a Driveway?"

When you give money to a person on the street
and then dive into a "You- forgot- to -say- thank-you"
speech after they roll their eyes at the "small amount"
you gave them.

(Where is this sign when you need it?)

When your kids ride their bikes in the alley cuz there's too
many cars on your street & the sidewalks are actually used
for walking.

You're thankful for even a little snow (in the winter) cuz
it makes the views outside your windows much "prettier."

When you're out of town & people ask where you're from
and then after you answer them they sorta gasp & then
just stare at you... they stare out of awe, or respect or
pity or just straight disgust that we'd be so foolish to
move our family to that city.

When you totally love this city and the people!
And find it amazing how God has turned His calling into
the desire of your heart.


freddie said...

Netta, these are great! you know, the same can be true at the Sbux that we like to go too :) And, I think we should get that sign for the Real Cup!! Love you..more please!

Freddie said...

oh, i meant the same for McDonalds can be true at the starbucks....forgot to say it correctly!

mo said...

They're staring out of respect!

postmodwarrior said...

Great list, Netta - especially the part about the "boom, chaka, boom" noises from the music your neighbors are playing. I can hear you saying it. Ha!

Thanks for some laughs and great reminders about how awesome it is to live in the city! We love you guys so much.

Erika said...

I love the one about the driveway!

Margie said...

they think you're nuts, the rest of us stare out of respect and thankfulness that you and your hubby have brought the REAL Jesus to a city that needs Him really bad.

These were great!!

Erin said...

YES!!!! Can't wait to join my family in the D(propper) hearts already there!

Love you!

Jess said...

my favorite is the text messages from church ladies that begin with "wat up?" LOLOLOL. sooo true! and i LOVE it!