Saturday, July 10, 2010

Like a 3 year old

This week our church has been fasting & praying...
and I ventured out with my three youngest to attend
group prayer in front of the Detroit Institute of Art (that's
the art museum).

In the car I was prepping my kids:
"We'll sit or walk together. We're gunna praise Jesus
and pray for all sorts of things and people. OK? We
are there ONLY to pray!"

Then, my three year old says,
"I love JESUS, but I'm not gunna pray!"

Moments later he said,
"But don't worry Mommy, I obey sometimes. SOMETIMES!"
(Like I was supposed to find comfort in that!)

Ok, My little guy is only three years old... but how many
"grown up" Christians are exactly the same?
Are you one of them?
When & how much have you prayed lately?
How often do you obey Christ?
NOW... the REST of the STORY...

When we arrived at the DIA to pray outside for our city,
church & team, my little 3 yr. old rocked it!!!
He knew exactly who he wanted to pray for, had
lots of amazingly insightful things to pray about
and had very little trouble staying focused!


What's "the rest of the story" for you?

(now, keeping him & his big brother from climbing into
the fountains after prayer... a whole 'nother story!)

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Anonymous said...

thx for sharing and always finding a way to step on my toes. I guess, that's what sisters are form. (Smile)
Much luv, Stephanie