Friday, July 23, 2010


Ok, here’s a BIG announcement for those that haven’t heard…

now has a permanent home!

Real Church ~ Detroit


That’s right, beginning August 8th 2010, we will be meeting in the Majestic Theater property

right on Woodward Avenue in the heart of Detroit! Our adults will meet in the “Magic Stick”

and will feature Music, Bible Study and Billiards each Sunday morning at 10:30am.

Our children’s ministry, known as “Alley Kids”, will meet in the “Garden Bowl” –

bowling alley in main level of property. How cool is that?!

Real Church

This property is one of, if not the most, well known venues in all of Metro Detroit!

Yes, six days a week it’s a bar, concert venue, nightclub & restaurant.

If that’s a problem, pray & decide if this is the place for you. We believe in redemption

(of people & places) – this location will be an easy place to invite the unchurched to visit.

And, trust me, we won’t be watering down our message!

God has placed us here & we can’t wait to get started (again)! We’re going to be a church like

you’ve never seen before! Not because we are trying to be different but simply because

we’re being obedient. God’s the creative One – always has been. We’re all being

stretched like never before… and I’M LOVIN’ IT!

Real Church would love to have you with us on August 8th! We will offer Starbuck’s Coffee,

Avalon Pastries & Krispy Kreme donuts from 10-10:30am and then the service will be 10:30-Noon

(never later). Please look for updates to our website:

Note: Real Church Hamtramck will continue to meet on it’s own under the leadership of

Pastor TJ Reid & his wife Jess. They have a great team and a great plan to reach Hamtown!

IF you live there, I encourage you to get involved! IF you live anywhere else in Metro Detroit,

please join us at the Majestic!


Living a REAL love, from a REAL God, in a REAL world! Chilly


mo said...

exciting news :)

Mandy said...

What exciting news, Netta! Congrats to you and the whole ministry team!! Sounds like an exciting adventure! :)