Friday, July 9, 2010

Netta's NICHE- Use THAT for WHAT?

These are NOT original.
Truthfully, I have no idea where I got most of these ideas.
Perhaps one or more of them will save you time and/or money.

Gel dishwasher detergent is good for...
- Cleaning tiles & grout in bathroom (rinse well)
- Cleaning inside toilet bowls
- Bleach for Laundry (Can apply directly to stain
on WHITES only! or add to water for whites)

Rubbing Alcohol works well in a squirt bottle for...
- cleaning mirrors
- cleaning windows
- cleaning sinks, countertops, tiles
- cleaning toilets

- Add 1 pt Peroxide to 1 pt rubbing alcohol & spray
on cuts & scraps (kills infection)
- Add above mixture to swimmers ear or ear aches
(the bubbly noise is kinda fun, too)

NOTE: a well ventilated room is needed when using
this to clean... the strong smell doesn't last long, but
it IS strong.

Happy Weekend!


mo said...

You may already know this one. Vinegar is great at removing mineral deposits from stuff. The best example I can think of is clogged-up shower heads, which can get calcium and other stuff built up in the nozzle over time. If you unscrew the head and soak it overnight in vinegar, it'll totally clean it out and leave it shiny too. Works on faucet spout, knobs, drain plugs, anything that gets water deposits on it.

Jaime said...

I love when you post stuff like this....I hope all is well with you! I miss you! I got used to seeing you often and now I'm withdrawing...

I like the vinegar idea that Mo has...but when I do it, Aaron throws up. Literally. The smell makes him barf. LOL!