Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not the Norm "Thankful For" List!

Besides my JESUS, my MAN, My CHILDREN,  FAMILY, 
Church Family, Friends, House, etc,

Here's a list of some of the "little" things that add up to 
 BIG things in my life... and I'm thankful for them, too!!!
In Random order...

- Giant WINDOWS in my house

- Beautiful views of cool buildings out my window

- Historical old houses all around us

- A giant pot to make a huge batch of chili for a crowd

- That my family IS a crowd

- Computers & wireless Internet

- Digital cameras

- Being able to print out postage 
   at home from the USPS

- Delivery trucks that bring 
   goodies from Amazon

- Huge, blue Ikea bags that serve us 
   in countless ways

- Skype... even thought I forget to use it most of the time

- Text Messaging- especially now that most of my closest friends
  FINALLY have it!

- The color RED... and of course PURPLE!

- Storm windows that allow me to continue to love my old 
historic windows

- Fabric Softener balls, cuz I could 
never add the softener at the
right time without it!

- Those bumpy dryer balls
that make the clothes dry sooner

- A basement that's not a complete

- An actual freezer in the corner of my basement that helps me
use our money & food wisely

- Toilet Paper! (Hey, my Dad use to tell stories of corn cobs &
old magazine pages.)  ick

- Christmas Music

- A loud laugh (well, most of the time I'm thankful for that,
except for the times that something is totally funny & I'm
NOT suppose to be laughing. opps!)

- The funny little "mouth piece" I wear to bed that keeps
my TMJ headaches in check

-  A working fireplace... and friends that delivered firewood!
(I'm so excited to use it!)

- Fuzzy slippers (that happen to match Mariah's Snuggie. 
She better now try to "adopt" them while she's home!)

- YOU!  For reading my blog, sharing in my life and being
a sounding board for the thoughts that room around in my
brain!  *


* (Feel free to comment at any time. If you read this in an
email you can click on the title of the post & then scroll
down bottom of a daily post & hit "comment." You do 
NOT have to sign up for anything to leave a comment.
Just type your remarks & name, then select "Anonymous"
under the "Choose your identity" & enter.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!!! One quick question... since you love red & purple.. does this mean when you're old that you are going to join the Red Hat club?

Excited to laugh really loud with you today!