Friday, November 5, 2010

First Time Moms

Over the past few months I've collected some thoughts
about parenting that may encourage you,

perhaps enlightening you
or maybe even slightly tick you off.
Hopefully they'll cause you to think, pray about some things
and become an even better parent to the precious child God's
entrusted to you.


Keeping Smiling. You WILL sleep again, it'll just take
time... and you WILL survive until that time comes.

You are NOT the only one who has felt overwhelmed,
so don't feel guilty & do NOT have a pity party. Keep
doing what you can.

Letting baby cry from time to time (when you know his
basic needs are met) won't hurt him.

Doctors don't know your baby like you do. Trust your gut.
(Our pediatrician reinforced this!)

Don't push your child to do things. We all know you're a great parent
already! (Don't make baby "prove it" to us.)

Yes, people love your child, but stay attentive to those people.
Their non-verbal communication may be saying, "OK,
I've enjoyed them, please take them back now."
or "Grr, will you please deal with your whinny child?"

Sometimes friends enjoy time with you... just YOU.
Getting a sitter from time-to-time will keep strong friendships
strong... we Moms need solid friendships. It's worth the
effort to nurture them.

                                    When you're on the phone,
                                    please be on the phone.
If you must stop to speak to your child, 
keep it short. 
No one wants to listen to a 
three minute explanation
of "why mommy is one the phone & 
can't play with you right now."

Discovering that your child is extremely gifted in an
area doesn't mean you're an extremely gifted parent,
it just reminds everyone that God is an extremely
creative & generous creator!

If you have yet to discover your child's "talents"
don't panic & don't push. God forms each child
according to His plan. Your prayer & patience
will allow Him to reveal those talents in His time.

When someone tells you, "Oh, of course you have time..
just do it while the baby is sleeping," is crazy & has no
idea what the life of Mom is like. So just smile & nod.
No response needed. (And go ahead & take a nap yourself
while the little one naps!)

Plan for tomorrow, but don't worry about it. You have
just enough strength for today, so don't waste it on
wondering about the future.

Just when you get into a groove your child will get into
another stage of life... it's the way it's supposed to be.
So be flexible. We can't expect our kids to grow if
we're not constantly growing, too.

Things that are "so-the-right-thing-to-do-now" may
be viewed as "just a fade" in a few years...
so be careful to choose what is best for you & your
family now matter what "all the other people are doing."

And... just about the time you're convinced that this
parenting job is making you completely loopy...
you're probably right.. so take a long look into the
eyes of that adorable little off-spring of your's and
you'll remember that they're worth every bit of it!

(A parent who has
briefly given-in to
the insanity around
her. She may or 
may not be me!)

Sometime parent-insanity is actually referred to
as "stopping-what-you're-doing-and-just-getting-
silly-for-a-few-minutes!" That's ok... it's FUN!


Anonymous said...

i love you! I'm so grateful for your experience and wisdom! i'm sure i will refer to this post in the future! :)

Sara said...

Thank you, Netta :) My heart has just breathed a big sigh of relief :)

Freddie said...

Did you write this for me?! (I think you did!) THANK YOU! I can't wait for the parenting journey. I sometimes don't know how to take all the comments and advice...usually smile and nod, then pray:) your honesty makes me feel normal, well somewhat you!

Margie said...

These are soooo true! Man, how many times I worried about what others thought (or still do! ugh)!

That trusting your gut, that is so true, the pediatrician told me my daughter had a resp infection and that's why she was so tired! she had arthritis! sheesh! I knew he was wrong!

Nicki said...

So much truth there!! Thanks Netta!

Kathryn said...

I think I recognize that little guy!

Thanks so much for this post, Netta! It lined up with a lot of things I've been contemplating lately, along with other things I want to remember in years to come. Thanks! Love you!