Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Talk- to-Myself-Tuesday!

My family tells me I talk to myself...
I prefer to think of it as "thinking outloud!"
Either way, here's what I've been saying...

- Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!
The re-negotiating is over! The beautiful old house
is our's! Hopefully we'll be closing by mid September!!!!!!
(Can you hear me clapping & see me skipping! See tomorrow's
post for a couple of pictures)

- "Expecting a Miracle" ... God's been dealing with the "expecting"
part of that miracle-phrase. More on that later. Hmm

- Four month old vacuum cleaners are supposed to work....
but all vacuums are in some sorta association & have had an
APB out about me for years:
"Calling all VACUUMS! If this lady (my picture appears)
buys you... sputter, cough, smell like you're on fire & then die.
Do whatever it takes to drive her insane!"

- LOVE outlasts emotions

-Delivering cookies to visitors at Real Church is so much fun!

- I really don't drink Diet Coke all day long. Only when I'm
NOT at home... which isn't all that often.

- Everything ALWAYS takes longer than you think.

- Most things are much easier SAID than DONE

- Thankful for friends who help out in countless ways!

- Excited to fly to Colorado soon to see my Mom. She's had a knee
replaced & I'll be there to help out when she gets outa
the rehab hospital.

-So happy to see people I love in Colorado that I haven't seen
in 8 years.

- The corners of my home need cleaning out... badly. Oh wait,
I am cleaning them out cuz WE'RE MOVING!!!!!
(I smile every time I think about it!)

- Buying school books on ebay can thrill me if I win by
changing my bid at the last minute.... and can make me crazy
if I lose by the same method. It's way the game is played, I guess.

- I have 59 cookbooks (just counted them). That's alot.
Ridiculous really. But nearly every book has a story of a person.
Someone I love who is in some way a part of me. And I use
many of them often. But seriously, that's alot!
Hmm, I really will have to let a few go...
maybe the Low-Fat ones.
Yeah, that's it. Those can go to the garage sale! Then
I'll only keep the "real" ones... I feel better now.

- Looking forward to getting a Detroit Library Card.
There's a really gorgeous historic library in the Museum District
that only Detroit residences can check books out of... and that's
gunna be in a few weeks! Cuz... We're MOVING!

- Gotta stop running over here to the computer & just get
back to cleaning, sorting & packing!

(Be sure to read tomorrow's post... pictures!)

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