Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One at a Time, Please

Multi-tasking is frying my brain.

I do too much of it, too often.

Of course, Moms (and everyone, really) are often
required to do several things at once...
but I don't HAVE to choose to add MORE to
that list.

Today I will pay close attention to what I'm doing.

Today I will not be doing two things and then
be thinking about several other things all while
my 4 yr. old is telling me all about the new
city he's just set up for his cars.

Today when I'm cooking a meal & listening to my
daughter read Pippi Longstocking I will not
check my phone for Twitter updates or flip
through my organizer to see what tomorrow's
dinner will be.

Today when my kids sit down for a snack, I will
sit down with them, listen, laugh and soak
up the moment.

Today I will decide where my attention goes.
No one and nothing will suck it away from me.

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Lana said...

Oh, I LIKE this!