Sunday, October 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 10/19/09 & A CONFESSION

Last week my "I'll think I'll use coupons-again" was frustrating &
time consuming. Neither surprised me. Sigh.
I spent tons of time on Sunday night & Monday AM
planning, cutting, sorting, etc. Sigh again.

Then, after a 2 hr. shopping experience inside of MEIJER
and a cash register that kept ringing things twice, but a
really kind employee who worked hard to make it right...
I realized on the way home that the coupons were never used!
I'd handed them to her, but could picture RIGHT where they
were sitting... unused! UNUSED!

My eyes filled with tears. I was ANGRY!
ANGRY with myself for NOT reminding her.
GRRRRR.... more tears.
What a stinkin' waste of time & money!
And approximately $20 of coupons... gone! GONE! Grrr... again!

When I got home, my kind & patient husband encouraged me
to call the store. I did... and I'm pleased to say that the manager
sent me $20 gift card! Ok, so I'll got back there... in a few weeks.

The "Skip-Aldi-use-coupons-again-Challenge" continues
through the month. And my sister-in-law, Lana, gave me
lots of ideas about how to find on-line coupons & load'um
onto the store card of your choosing.

So, this week... it's KROGER. We'll see how it goes.
Next week I'll probably go back to Meijer again.

Ha... this was probably TMI.
You either think I'm totally insane or you completely relate.

Lunch- Eggs & Gr. Peppers & onions
Dinner- Crockpot Chicken & Biscuits

Lunch- Eggplant Parm, Spaghetti
Dinner- Veggie Wraps

Lunch- Shepherd's Pie
Dinner- Hot Dogs, apples

Lunch- ABC Sandwiches (Avacado, Bacon, Cheese grilled cheese)
Dinner- Crockpot Cowboy Stew, toasty bread

Lunch- Giant Salad
Dinner- Homemade Pizza

Lunch- Cheesy chicken & Biscuits (some form of this)
Dinner- Sandwiches

Lunch- Crockpot Ribs, Potatoes, Carrots
Dinner- Open-faced sandwich melts

For more ideas check out


merissa yusko said...

totally relate. i rarely bother with coupons, because when i actually cut them out and take them with me, i forget to use them! i know it would save me money, but i always forget about them in my pocket or wallet.

Netta said...

Yeah, thanks, Merissa. I've done the same over the years. I'll tell my kids, "PLEASE! Remind me that these coupons in my HAND are the ones we're using today, K?
Thx for commenting!

Mary Beth said...

Coupons on your store card??? I need to check that out! What I hate is that I have them... and forget them... just like the the resusable bags. UGH!

I am so glad they sent you a gift card. AND I am pumped... we just had an Aldi's go in near us!

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

Not TMI :) If you believe that every week is a perfect week at the grocery store for me then you are deceived! I have had to go to the service desk AFTER the checkout to redeem my coupons more than once :)

Ruth Chowdhury said...

TOTALLY RELATE!!! I've started using coupons again lately. I have been mostly printing them off the internet & matching them up with whatever store has the best sale at the time. I have tried Target most recently and got some good deals there. Rite Aid for non-food stuff is good. There ARE a lot of good sites. I'm always open for more tips though. ;) Here's a site I've been frequenting lately:
Thanks for the menus weekly. They're helping inspire some ideas.

Noelle said...

I love your posts! I must confess that I have only recently become a "frugalista"... but now I am gearing up to be a missionary so it's time to start getting savvy with the coupons! Keep these posts coming! They are helping me!

erica said...

haha i can relate. often the coupons are sitting RIGHT next to my cash in my wallet and they stay there until i realize when i get home that i forgot to use them...

i think that is REALLY cool that the manager gave you a gift card. :)

thanks for posting your meals every's REALLY helpful!

Anonymous said...

Never works for me. I'm so excited when I clip but when I go shopping I either don't get those items or I forget them in my wallet until they're 5yrs old..

Sorry but the frustrated crying fit part was funny, soooo glad I'm not alone in that. Even funnier is the reactions that different people have when your're in the middle of one or a series of them LOL.


Dr. Mom said...

I would not shop without coupons. I usually save 70 - 90% (used to not be the case). Check out Southern Savers to help with you coupons. She matches up the sales with the current coupons available. Makes it really easy!

Here is this weeks Kroger post:

Lana said...

You know, of course, I relate! And...I think it's great that you are serving spaghetti with your eggplant parm. ;) Love you!

GrannyP said... here is a website from a local young mom here in Winston-Salem. I find I forget to use coupons, too. But most of the time I can take the coupon(s) back to the store, with the receipt, and they will take them and give me the value back in cash. I tend to forget about Aldi's, and usually don't have cash on me.

Rona's Home Page said...

I just started using coupons and I try to remember to have them ready by the time the items are on the belt.
That a great customer service story. I wish they had a store here.
Looks like your family is going to have some delicious meals!