Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Oh Mr. Sun, Sun..."

(If the title of this blog prompted you to start singing an
old BARNEY song for 90's.... well, ha! Sorry you have
that in your sub-conscience!) Not the reason for blog though...

In Michigan we haven't had a lot of sunshine this fall...
or even any "fallish-weather" for that matter.
We crave it.
Want its warmth.
Desire the joy that it brings.

Today, the sun has popped out.
My once gloomy little abode has brighten up.
Warmth & joy stream through the windows.

And wow... what's that in the corner?
What huddled under my desk & around the bottom of the piano?

LOTS of them!
They were NOT there yesterday... when it was cloudy.
I'm quite sure of it! Yes, pretty sure. Yeah. um...Right?

We crave the light of the presence of JESUS in our lives.
Want the warmth of His "closeness."
We desire the joy that it brings.

But when He really starts to shine His truth into our hearts
we suddenly become aware of the junk we've let live in the
hidden corners, or even the obvious ones...

It's as if they weren't there yesterday...
but they've obviously been there a while.

We crave the Son.
In reality, we actually crave the very light that exposes our
yuckiness inside. So, don't ignore them.

Get out the "Broom of the Spirit" and cut through the cob webs
and dust bunnies.
Weep. Repent. The enjoy the joy that's flooding in your heart!
(I had a serious experience of this today! SO GOOD!)

Son.... shine in all the corners of my life!

What's His light exposing in you


Anonymous said...

Netta, I love this! So true...so true! Have a wonderful day and thanks for taking the time to "blog" (write) your thoughts down and share with us! XXOO Renee

Anonymous said...

Oh what a good Word. Actually the song (verse) that came to my mind was from the song "This Little Light of Mine".....verse, "...Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine." Yes, my sister...I want His light to shine in all those deep, dark, crusty crevices of junk that I might be holdin' on to.

Much luv, Stephanie

Andrea said...

So gooooood Netta :) And oh so true. I desire for God's light to shine in my heart... but I think sometimes I ask God to shine His light forgetting that with His light comes ickyness... which then requires work to clean up!

BUT I thank God that he doesnt leave us on our own to get cleaned up. He gives us his strength and his spirit to help... and though at first I dread the clean up time... after its done, I enjoy the warmth of the Son on a whole new level :)

Thanks for this, I needed to hear it :) Love you!

The Happy Housewife said...

This would have been a great post... except through the entire thing I was singing the Barney song!
Thanks for a great post and for bringing back memories of some sweet times with my now 15 yo daughter... back in our Barney days.