Wednesday, September 9, 2009


School's in full force.
Getting outa bed earlier, in the dark everyday
is no longer optional... it's a MUST!

Here's a few silly but helpful things to do that
help WAKE me up, open my eyes (at least one)
& gets me going... cuz I hate coffee!

- stretch while you're still in bed
(there's something about folding your feet over your
head that can really get your blood flowin'!)

- brush through your hair
(it's a tiny head massage)

- gulp down some cold water

- walk barefoot on the hardwood floors

-peak out the window to see if your cars are still there
and then praise God that they weren't stolen!

- start thanking JESUS for regular things like...
"Thanks for this carpet cuz the blue stuff that was
here when we moved in was horrid!"

- try to remember this day/time last year... and ask
"How has God changed me?" Then thank Him!

- a lovely cuppa hot tea w/milk & sugar (well, Splenda)
cuz I told you I don't like coffee!
(all my Belfast friends say "Holla!")

- and NOW that I'm awake, the REAL stuff that
keeps me alert all day....
Time studying THE WORD and conversation with JESUS!

- then get ready, dressed, apply make-up, etc..

Now, the rest of day begins & I'm ready for it!

What do YOU do to WAKE UP & STAY AWAKE?


Anonymous said...

The baby wakes me up. Sometimes I make breakfast for Steve and myself and run through the shower. If both are awake, I usually help Steve get ready for work, sometimes ironing his clothes, or even doing laundry. Then after he is off to work I take out my Bible and read and pray through out the day. I thank God for things as I do house cleaning or run errands.

Love you,

Jess said...

i put my phone far enough away from my bed that i have to sit up to turn off the alarm. it's 5 am. i get up, bump into walls, turn on every light in every room, brush my teeth, pour coffee & drink it! then i spend time with Jesus, then get ready for work.

sometimes i turn off my alarm and lay back down longer than i should. i am gonna try the stretching head scratching thing!