Thursday, September 24, 2009

Option #1

My blog friend, Nicki, has once again written a
wonderfully inspired post. This time it's about
"gratificationism"... so good. And her thoughts
hit home with me.

Our lives are in a huge holding pattern right now.
So badly we'd just love to have God say,"Do this.
Here's how. Here's why & when."

But instead He simply (and lovingly) says,
"I got this."

Interpretation: "WAIT!"

As I see it, we only have two real options now...

1. Wait patiently and have joy, or

2. Wait impatiently and go crazy

I choose #1.

"His divine power is all we need for life & godliness!"
2 Peter 1:3


SarahMae said...

I'm so much better at the second one though... =]

Lana said...

#1 sounds good! Love and miss you! Sorry I missed your call - you were running errands by the time I got it...and then Nathaniel started got sick at lunch time and had a yucky evening!

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

I am sorely behind in my Reader and just came across this post. It means a lot to me when someone takes what I have to say to heart. Thanks Netta :)