Saturday, September 26, 2009

But I'm so Used to It!

While putting away the clean silverware this morning I was
struck with the absolute mess that drawer has become.
Now, it's nothing new... it's just that I actually noticed it.
And noticed it enough to actually DO something about it.

As I was clearing out & cleaning out that drawer it hit me
that this drawer is the condition of some areas in our lives.
So cluttered & accustomed to compromise, for so long,
that we don't notice.
We're just SO used to it!
Used to SIN!

-We don't notice the extra time it takes to get things done.
-We ignore the fact that it's not clean & exposes us to germs
that eat away at what is right in our lives.
-We forget that we're always effecting other people- one
way or another.

There IS a cure, you know!
Confess that it's sin... no matter how small, don't make excuses!
Sin is SIN and that's the truth!

Forgiveness (a.k.a. Cleaning!) is wonderful!
- We're more effective in ALL areas because we're clean & focused!
- Everyone in our lives will benefit from our fresh joy... and
that spreads, too!

Today's a good day to clean....

Jesus... what else do you want me to clean-CONFESS?


Anonymous said...

Love these observations Netta! Thanks for sharing. It is so true...we also need to remember to take time to connect with those that we love and be grateful for the time we have with one another!


Anonymous said...

Netta, that is so true. Sometimes we are so used to our lives being a certain way that we don't think that what we are doing is a sin. Wow, you have opened my eyes once again. Sara T

Lana said...

So Good! I always love the practical applications you share!! And, did you make pancakes?

husband said...

so glad you organized the drawer! I've been stirring my coffee with my finger (OUCH!)...

sin burns our hearts too!

good stuff, me

p.s. you're cute.