Saturday, August 1, 2009


Character always wins out over potential!

Your talent, abilities, training, connections
mean NOTHING if you're not actively
pursuing a deeper relationship with JESUS
and allowing His Holy Spirit to develop
the character of CHRIST in you!

If you're not purposely making choices
to KNOW Jesus then you're choosing
to move away from Him.


Anonymous said...

"Netta! you are awesome!"


TJ said...

thanks for the warning. Checking my own heart right now.

Rhonda said...

love u netta!!

SarahMae said...

This is a great reminder to avoid everyday apathy.

Stephanie said...

Once again...that is good!
Thx for the word.

Lana said...

Thank you, sister! I just got caught up on your blog - I MISS YOU!

mo said...

great reminder, as others have said too.