Sunday, August 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday, Aug. 10, 2009

Our 2nd week of posting our Menu for the
week on the blog. It was kinda funny-
as I was preparing meals I'd think, "If
anyone wants to know what I'm cooking
right now, they can just look on my blog."

Kinda weird.

Michigan weather changed from sorry 70's to
sweltering mid 90's. So, we're planning food
than does NOT involve the OVEN! (That
means I'm NOT making my own bread, either.)

Lunch- Thin Pancakes, Berries, Scrambled Eggs
Dinner- Grilled Chicken, Noodles, Veggie Salad

Lunch- Spaghetti, Mtblls & Sauce in Crockpot
Crusty Bread & fresh cucumber & carrots
Dinner- Grilled Potatoes & Fresh Veggies

Lunch- Grilled sausage & Veggies, Rice
Dinner- Turkey Sandwiches, chips

Lunch- Birds Nests, fruit
Dinner- PB & J, pineapple, chips

Lunch- T. Ham & Ramon Noodles
w/peas, onions
Dinner- Grilled Pizza

Lunch- Monte Cristo Sandwiches
Dinner- Homemade Lunchables

Lunch- Crockpot Corn & Spinach Enchiladas
Rice, Tortilla Chips
Dinner- Backed Potatoes w/broccoli & cheese

For more GREAT ideas click
and scroll down on this menu post. There's around
300 links to menu ideas. WOW!

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Mary Beth said...

Girl you amaze me! Now will ya cook for me???