Monday, August 17, 2009

Just add Water!

While many of my friends out there in blog-land
and other states across the US are sending
their kids to school this week,
we in MICHIGAN don't begin school until after
Labor Day- it's the law!

(and we make our homeschool schedule similar to the public school.)

So, regardless of our weather (it's rainy today)

Summer! Kids! Water!

Those 3 words go well together.

This summer we've enjoyed fountains,
the small, inexpensive water park,
kiddies pools,
free city beach,
squirt gun fights,
homemade backyard water parks!

Just about any activity in the summer
gets better when you add water....
any form.
Just add water!

We used a "noodle", poked holes in it, put the
hose inside of it and hung it from the top of our swing set.
(The swing set idea came together because of our neighbor!
Thanks, Mr. Tom!)

And, of course the classic...
Put the kiddie pool at the end
of the slide!


SarahMae said...

water definitly makes things more fun, my youth group just got back from a rafting/dunes/lake trip and we had so much fun shoving people off rafts and piers and watching the large splashes.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such a cool family! I'm learning tons from you :) my summer has been rather water-free, i was thinking I should change that since it's finally warm out.