Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not AS fun...

Yesterday my blog was funny....
just for simple joy of laughing.

Today... not AS fun!

I'm compelled to tell you what's on my mind.
(I don't think I've ever blogged about this before)

When I watch the news - faithfully each morning-
extreme frustration washes over me. My elected
officials let me down - OFTEN!
It helps me to know that I have a couple courses
of action... and when I go down these avenues
I am better and it can only help the "system"
to improve, too.

Here's the TWO main options:

1. PRAY for my elected officials!
(And because I can't always remember who they
are I go to www.congress.org and enter my zip
code in the box given on the left as you scroll
down a little bit. Officials, state & federal are listed)

2. CONTACT my elected officials!
(And because time & money are issues, I go to
www.congress.org, enter my zip code and then
click on the link to each of my officials.
Then I click on the Contact tap & on the
second row of text is a link called WebForm.
From there I can choose to click on an issue & send
a form email of my choosing. OR just email all
on my own. It's easy. Quick. And presto...
My voice is heard!

I don't like the fact that our Federal Gov't wants to
control more & more and continue to add zillions
of dollars to the nat'l debt.
But I must DO something about it.

What about you?
What are you gunna do about it?
Have you prayed for our President & the officials
from you area?

Then, say something....
It's pretty easy!

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