Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's NOT whatcha think

David's many talents included some
serious skills with the slingshot!
I doubt that all shepherds of his day could hit
the targets like he could.
(I Samuel 17:40-47)

But his talents belonged to God.
And when that's the case, we can
expect to do some crazy stuff
with those giftings! (ie- Goliath)

The kind of things that Jesus may ask
us to do will be things that'll make
others say stuff like...

"Oh my! You were not trained for this."
"I don't think this was what they had in mind"
"Are you sure this is God?"
"How safe is this?"
"What on earth will your brothers think?"
"I am very uncomfortable with all this!"


When I gave my life completely to Jesus I took
my hands off anything He's deposited in me.
HE knows why He created me the way He did.
HE knows why He's given me opportunities to
develop certain areas of my life.
HE knows what's going on...

I don't!

I trust Him.

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