Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good with the Bad

The last couple of weeks have been sorta weird.
Lotsa great & lotsa unexpected challenges had
popped up. But JESUS is SO faithful.

Here's a strange little listing of the happenings
of my life. If you're already bored... well,
click away. It was good for me to type this all.

Not in any order... random listing:

-Had "extensive minor surgery" on a needy tooth
(my dentist's words)

- Got a sinus infection because of the oral surgery

- Now that infection is gone my bite is better!
Thank You, Jesus!

- Young friends made some bad choices that will
affect their entire lives

- Made several meals that only 2 of 7 enjoyed... grr

- Our youngest Son had sudden breathing trouble &
was put on a nebulizer

- Didn't have to buy the nebulizer machine cuz our
old, old one from 1997 still worked.

- Using the old "breathing treatment" machine made
me cry as I remembered God's faithfulness to our
daughter, Courtney, when she nearly died. She hasn't
used that machine in 8 years! Thank You, Jesus!

- Just as suddenly as his breathing trouble appeared,
it's healed. Thank you, Jesus!

- After lunch one day I suddenly got horribly sick,
the room was like a tilt-a-whirl and then my
lunch did the same thing. In bed for the next 15 hrs.

- Woke up the next AM and felt great... and hungry!

- A record number of people attended LOGOS
(Wed. night Bible Study at Real Church)

- A friend found out he has cancer

- One night our entire block loses power... for no
apparent reason.... AGAIN! (2nd time this year)

- Power was turned on before we got up! :)

- Our youngest daughter turned 9 years old!

- On the way to a local water park to celebrate
our daughter's 9th b-day a huge monsoon hit
and we had to go back home.

- Went to a huge outlet mall instead of water park.
Spent the same amount of money & didn't even
need sunscreen!

- Our 9 yr. old didn't want b-day cake, just brownies
and sherbet! SWEET! My easiest b-day project yet!

- Bought a new pair of jean capris... a size smaller than
a few months ago! :) Lost 16lbs so far!

- Ate my VERY first homegrown tomatoes! Well,
the first ones I'VE every grown! They're good!

- Attended a wedding of a sweet couple ...
their ceremony and reception were a
beautiful reflection of JESUS!

- Had the chance to have a lunch or dinner with
several friends that I've been trying to connect
with for a looong time.


Anonymous said...

Netta....enjoy so much your writings! I very true this one is!! The good and the bad! Often we hear only the good reported and it makes one feel like something is wrong in our own lives. Or else we hear only bad reports, and become "overwhelmed!"
But you are sooo right on! The good and the bad "live side by side."
But it makes us appreciate even more our Father's faithfulness to us all times and His unending love. Keep writing.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Praying for your strength...that is a very "complicated" week. You are a woman I look up to. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself through your blogs!

Blessings, Dana

Heidi said...

I love this. Its real life of challenges that came forth, but you and his endless grace handled it with perfection.

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

Wow Netta. That's a lot of up and down. Good to go through it with Jesus though isn't it?