Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hundreds of teenagers are arriving today to be part
of a week long outreach in Highland Park, MI
and Hamtramck, MI. Both cities are surrounded
by Detroit... and are NOT suburbs...
HA...not EVEN close!

Ministry will be intense, challenging and trying for
many, but the real WAR happens inside our heads.
The real battle is our attitudes... our thoughts...

and that battle rages all the time... not just during
a special week of ministry within the inner city!

Stop & think...
what are you battling this week?
This day?
This minute?

Are you winning?

How did you start your day?
if it was with Jesus you
probably have the weapons
and the strength to fight.

but don't be discouraged if it's hard....
it IS a WAR ....

Here's a few weapons:

1. Give Thanks
(find the good)

2. Call on His Name
(depend on Him)

3. Tell the nations about Him
(there's over 30 in Hamtramck alone)

4. Sing & Shout for Joy
(stop complaining!)

From Isaiah 12:4-5


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