Saturday, July 19, 2008

Now & Later

Now & Later works as a candy.

But not as a choice that must
be made in our lives.

When Jesus was being tempted in
the "desert" experience (Matt. 4:9);
Satan told Him to bow down & worship
him and all that he saw would be His.
(A quick, painless way to "rule-the-world"
without having to die on the cross.)

Jesus valued His relationship with God
more than ease and more than painful
Jesus was unwilling to trade

the eternal for the visible.

The enemy customizes a similar temptation
for all of us. Whatever is difficult, and stretches
us to the point of severe pain
... he'll think of way out of it.... at a huge cost....
compromising our relationship with Jesus!

Hmm, since it's such high stakes, it would
do us well to know what makes us most
vulnerable. (If you don't recognize it, ask
the Holy Spirit to reveal it... and then talk
to a godly friend about it after that!)

You can't compromise now and expect it
all to magically "work out" later.

That only works with candy!

(Thoughts prompted by this book)
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