Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random... uncommected

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random... unconnected

You know you're a Mom...

...when you're enjoying
the rare occasion of running errands all alone..and
then suddenly come to a screeching halt near the greeting
cards cuz you wanna push the button that plays clips
of CD's. (Hey, you never get to push the buttons!)

...when your 3 yr. old gets stung by a bee and you
don't put a "baking soda" paste on it, you put
on a "Bakkie Paste that hugs the ouchie!"

...when your idea of luxury backyard includes
a round, blue plastic swimmy pool that isn't
totally smashed down on one side like the
old purple one and doesn't have a leak... yet.
(Thanks, Jump)

...when your daughters get locked out of the 1st floor
of your house while you're gone, cuz the kitchen door nob
broke and the front door is securely locked.
(Luckily they had a key upstairs...
and Zach worked his magic on the door later)

NOTE: if this "door nob" one makes no sense to you...
well, it's cuz our house is really 2 separate "flats" with
an enclosed porch/hallway that connects the Up and Down.)

...when you leave for Wednesday evening church

service and you're carrying your computer bag,
diaper bag with cuppies of milk, your giant purse
and a ridiculously large tote bag that's holding
your 2 study Bibles, study book, containers of
Mac & Cheese and watermelon for after-church-snack,
and a little bag of cut-outs to work on for your
daughter's b-day party this weekend.
(Thanks for cutting, Abby)

...when it's 2am and while you're blogging your
daughter comes downstairs to tell you that the
air conditioner upstairs isn't working and it's
all hot & sweaty up there!


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