Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twelve Days... Kid Style

Twelve day of Christmas usually makes me think
of a bunch of weird stuff and a strange bird in a tree.

This year our church was inspired to put together
a list of 12 things to bless others & share the
Love of JESUS!   You can view our list here and 
click on the bottom left "What's New."

But... My kids & are NOT gunna do that list.
Instead, we are doing our own version of the list.
We don't get out much... so we're having to be 
creative.  What things are you doing this Christmas
to be purposeful about sharing the LOVE of JESUS?


Day 1 – Write a note or draw a picture for your Kids Pastor/Director

Day 2 – Help select a gift for “Joy to the D” (see day 12)

Day 3 – Select 3 toys ( in nice condition) to give to a shelter

Day 4 – Make a thank you card for the mail carrier & attach it where it’ll be seen

Day 5 – Let your brother and/or sister go first or get the bigger piece

Day 6- Draw or  list 3 things you love about your Grandparents & then
            Mail it to them

Day 7- Make a treat for your neighbor & deliver it

Day 8 – Do a chore that isn’t assigned to you

Day 9 -  Take a short walk on your street & pick up garbage

Day 10- Perpare a food gift for a homeless person you see regularly

Day 11- Call a friend & invite him/her to church

Day 12- JOY to the D (an outreach to the children/parents of Detroit)


Erin said...

Love your list! Chase's Christmas tree is also soooo cute. :)

Pants said...

Love the list and the Christmas theme you got goin on is... SUPERB ;)