Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Best Seats


UGH! I keep hearing/reading that word.

Don't I already serve you, Lord?
Don't I already serve those around me?
Don't I usually take the back seat?

When I'm serving, my heart is the happiest...
if I'm doing it out of true love for Jesus, that is.

Yet, honestly... it feels like I miss things sometimes.

John 2 proves otherwise.
Jesus performed His first miracle at the wedding.
The big shots at the wedding didn't have a clue
what was going on behind the scene....
 ONLY the servants knew about it.

Miracles. The Power of JESUS at work.
I wanna see that!!!!

Of course... Serving is worth it.
It's where JESUS is!
I'll keep serving... I wanna be with Him!


Freddie said...

Whoa, what a cool perspective! Only the servants knew what Jesus was doing and what really happened! Thanks netta, great encouragement, I'm gonna keep serving.
Love you tons.

Netta said...

you ARE a servant!!!
And right now the most spiritual things you do besides
smiling are changing poopy little diapers.
OH... he's such a doll baby!
Love you!

erinnovian said...

I'm with Freddie. I NEVER thought about that before! Thanks for the insight and continued encouragement!!!

Love you! Merry Christmas!

Zachary said...

I'm also with Freddie. That's such a cool way to see what Jesus was talking about when he said the greatest will serve. Those are the people he wants to be around.
Thanks Netta!