Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Always wanted to do this...

Candles... love'um. The smell. The little flickery light.

For years I've been saying that I'd like to take the wax
that's left over in a candle, melt it down & make a new
candle out of it.

Last week I did just that!  
(Can you see me smiling with satisfaction?  hee hee)

It's sorta.. in a strange kinda way... like JESUS!

He's takes our burnt out, used up efforts.
He melts us down (humility hurts).
Then He reshapes us.
Adds color & new life.
Pours in His beautiful fragrance and gives us
the ability to be pleasing to God!

And... although the outer "container" remains
pretty much the same, the inner change makes
the outside glow with His beautiful light!

(Just like this little snowman candle that Courtney
made in Kindergarten... it has new life...)

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Anonymous said...

that is so cool netta! love u!