Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sit Down?

The crowd stood around, looking confused
and completely unsure of what to do next.
Too hungry to go home now.
Too late to stay any longer.
Now what?

"How annoying," thought the Twelve.
"Send'um home. They're not gunna find any food
standing around here looking dumb."

"You Feed'um," Jesus said.

How in the world could twelve regular guys feed
5000 men, not to mention all the ladies and the
countless thousands of children runnin' around,
crying, needing to wipe their noses.

Jesus then took inventory of the food they did have.
(If you wanna even count it as food; it was so little.)
Five flat breads and two small fish. Big deal.
Not even a man-sized lunch.

"Tell the people to sit down," Jesus told the Twelve.

Sit down? Why?
What in the world was He thinking?.... but OK

"Ok people. People! PEOPLE!!!!
Sit down! DOWN!...that's right...
What?... I..I...I don't know why?
Just because the Master said so, that's why,"
growled the Twelve.

They're sitting... restlessly.
"What's going on?"
No one could really see what was going on in front.
"What's happening? Why are we sitting."
Restless, waiting people can create frustrated energy,
and this could get dangerous.

But... this setting prompts a different attitude.
Look around.
The hungry, clueless crowd has turned into
an expectantly obedient gathering.

Why? No one can see anything.
He ordered the "sit down."
He's orchestrated the "hold" posture.
When Jesus instructs a pause it's meant to
produce faith... a looking forwarding to what His plan will be.

Something is going on.
No one can see it. But everyone who is sitting & continues to
strain their neck to see Jesus can sense it.


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erica said...

do you mind if i quote some of this on my facebook?? wow. this is really good for where i am! thanks!!!