Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Know that Rich Guy

When the rich young ruler came to talk with Jesus
he comfortably asked, "What deed must I do to have
the kingdom of God?"
He was willing to "do" something, assuming that it was
a simple task, or perhaps something he could give out
of his abundance. He didn't seem worried, but actually
more like excited!

Jesus' answer baffled and saddened him.
"Give up everything & follow me."
He walked way.

Those of us who don't consider ourselves to be "rich"
don't put much stock in this story.

Hold on a second... I think we know that "rich guy"...
He's us. He's me. (and I'm not talkin' about money)

We're willing to do something for God if it's out of our
abundance & ease... stuff or skills we can quickly & easily do or give.

But Jesus doesn't want presents or an occasional task
done "all for the glory of God" (spoken in a King James voice).

Jesus want US! All of us.

The heart of us that will say,
Jesus, I'll give you...
- what I love
- what I enjoy
- what makes me feel worthwhile
- what brings me joy
- what I long for, even dream for
- what "only seems fair"

Then we have to trust that He loves us so much that
He'll do what's best.
He IS worth it.

What does this mean... for you?

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Erin said...

WOW! There are 3-4 things right in my face about now that I need to give... thanks for sharing! I was just talking about some of this with my mom and she said something interesting, she said to give what God was asking for, willingly and joyfully, but not to take a dagger with me to the alter... I'm still learning what this means for me... I'm giving Him my dreams and hopes and visions... WOAH!