Thursday, January 14, 2010

Startin' from Scratch

The kids ministry at Real Church Detroit
spans from birth through 5th grade...
all in one SMALL, but sunny room!

It only goes for 30 -45 minutes because
the kids worship with their parents and
then go into the other room during
the sermon.

Our first week went smoothly...
Praise God! But it's a funny, interesting challenge.

Right now, since our location is only temporary,
we're not really naming it, not really giving it
a theme and not purchasing a ton of stuff for it...
in due time. But rest assured, kids are hearing
about JESUS!

But, I'm kinda starting from scratch.
Using stuff we already have at the other Real Church
campus, using stuff I have at home and things that
I can make/create. Trying to be frugal & creative
without looking totally ghetto or completely cheap! :)

So, my crafting supplies,
sewing supplies,
homeschooling supplies,
home office supplies,
and even kitchen stapes & utensils
have all become ministry tools.

But wait...
isn't that how life should be anyway?

everything we do,
everything we're obligated to do,
everything we're talented enough to do,
is ALL created to minister to others.

We're intended to reflect HIM is ALL we do!

How are you using the daily parts of your life
to reflect Him & minister to others?

If you're not thinking this way... start now.

Living like this gives all the bits & pieces
of your life deeper meaning.)

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wow, that's good