Friday, January 8, 2010

Ministry by the Number

33 years ago a little ventriloquist puppet entered my life.

30 years ago I started babysitting & knew I loved kids.
(even though I was still a kid myself!)

28 years ago I joined my Mom in teaching the Sunday Morning
children's ministry at my childhood church in Greeley, Colorado.

27 years ago that poor little vent puppet (pictured above) died...
he was just all worn out.... literally.

26 years ago I received another wonderful ventriloquist puppet.
(some people get cars for their 16th b-day... I got a dummy!)

23 & 22 yrs. ago I was involved in a college ministry to kids
and then helped start a new kids ministry on another campus
the following year.

20 years ago I married a Pastor, called to reach, teach & disciple,
and I joined him in all those things.

19 years ago I started occasionally filling in for the kids pastors
in our various places of ministry and had a band of wonderful teens
or young adults to help.

14 years ago that (16th b-day present) ventriloquist puppet died...
of lock jaw.... seriously! :)

13 years ago another puppet joined our family... bigger & better than ever.

5 1/2 years ago we moved to Detroit/Hamtramck to plant a

5 years ago a great team of friends & I started the
kids ministry of that new church.

4 years ago I was able to hand over that kids ministry to
capable people and it's grown & still growing!


in 48 hours we will plant another church in Detroit...
this time in Midtown.
And once again I will begin a brand new kids ministry.

Jesus has been faithful all these years.
He never changes!

Here we go again!

(Your prayers are welcome!)


Jenn said...

Netta, this is awesome. I learned so much about kids AND ministry from you! I can't wait to hear about how awesome this new kids ministry will be!
love you!!!

Stephanie said...

Praise God! He is soooooooooooo very good! I'm excited! I'm prayin! and I'm standin' with ya'll my sister..

Also, you know you and Hershal/Hershell (sp?) are starting to look a little a like. You all have been hangin' out a bit, huh? That's a compliment of course. (Smile)

Love ya my sister!

Jess said...

i wanted 2 tell u i loved Ur blog 2day! & i love u!

Anonymous said...

That picture reminds me - I had a dream once about that dummy's head spinning around all by itself, singing "Father Abraham", throwing Buddy Barrells at children, while "Have Patience" from "The Music Machine" played in the background.

I think they used lead paint in that chapel

Jerimy Sherin

Lana said...

What a team! So excited with you, for you! LOVE YOU!

Mary Beth said...

G'day mate! We are praying for your launch. So exciting to see how many more the LORD will bring to you to share the love of Jesus.

noelle said...

You rock my face off!

Anonymous said...

You rock my face off!


Anonymous said...

Hi Netta:

It's been exciting to hear all about the new church. We're praying for you!

Love, Cindy