Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Review

What an eventful, fun weekend!

Friday Evening -
A clothing exchange, ladies night out!
Shared Jesus' love through actions
and words.
So fun! Lotsa ladies attended!
So thankful for my church family.

Taught my 4 yr. old how to play
SkipBo! Crazy. He picked it up
in a few minutes. Fun!
(and made Sun.'s lunch & stuck it
in the frig!)
So thankful for my family & home.

Saturday Evening-
Attended an AMAZING Christmas
Dinner for ladies at Freedom Christian
Center. Was honored to speak to them
and share "DIY Encouragement." (Don't
wait for someone to encourage you, do
it yourself, from Jude 20-23.)
Had a blast!
And, my friend, Mary Beth filled the back of
my van with homeschool books! THANK YOU!
So thankful for opportunities to share
& be with new & "old" friends.

Sunday AM-
Real Church was spilling over with people,
praise & joy! Such fun to play piano for
worship (Chilly led) and hear God's
Word. Love Real Church!
So thankful God called us to Detroit.

Sunday Afternoon/Evening-
Nothing like a yummy lunch that's
already prepared and then a nice
quiet nap! zzz
Later I tackled a fun project & made
a Thanksgiving apron for Thursday.
Zoe helped me sew some fall pillows, too.
So thankful for evenings at home with the fam.

Love it!
Love my fam & JESUS even MORE!

Happy Monday!

(sorry, no Menu Plan Monday today...
next week)


Erin Dyer said...

Thanks again for being such a blessing to me and my family!

LOVE YOU!!! ~ the other erin

Lana said...

Thanks for sharing the weekend! I feel like I was there !:) Ok...not exactly....:(