Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Story of Fall #1

Once Thanksgiving is over it's Christmas Season ...
and in my head, FALL is over, too.

(And as far as I'm concerned it can start
snowing now, also! Don't hate me.
I love snow. I'm a Colorado Native, give
me a break!)

Here's a little review of our fall season...

School Begins

Dividers helped kids concentrate

Mom (aka Grandma) came to visit & celebrate
Chase's b-day

Saw some sweet cousins from Ohio & Toledo
(Mel & Becky Schafer, Alyssa & Chris w/Baby
Nathaniel and Amber)

Celebrated REAL CHURCH's 5th Anniversary
with 7 of the 8 original people who helped
us plant the church.

Learned to make applesauce at Mary Beth's
house. mmm

Attended the STORY conference in Chicago area
with Freddie & Mo and...

Pastor TJ & Jess

My little guy @ the Great Pumpkin Party...
completely unaware that he's probably not
supposed to be on the stage, dancing! ha!

Beautiful "Lucy" from Narnia,
surrounded by cute baseball players.

more to come...

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Lana said...

Great story! :) (And great pictures!)