Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sick Boy, Bible Videos & Priests

A few Sundays ago my 4 yr. old, Maximus,
wasn't well enough to go to church.
So we got to hang out at home... just us.

Just the two of us.
(If you know us at all, you'll understand that one-on-one
at home is a rare treat!)

Among lotsa fun, quiet activities we enjoyed together,
we watched two Bible videos.
And I do mean VIDEOS!

When our oldest
daughter was 2 yrs. old
my parents purchased
this wonderful set
for her. At the time
there were 20 some
in the set.

(Today's there's many
more & they're all on
DVD of course)

While we watched this Good Samaritan movie
a line hit me...

One priest said to the other: "Don't waste time on your trip."

Other priest: "Oh, I won't because I'm doing the Lord's work."

1st priest: "You're a priest. EVERYTHING you do is the Lord's Work!"

2 Peter 2:9
"But YOU are a chosen people,
a holy nation
a people belonging to God..."

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Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

We love these videos, too! I record them from EWTN and let my little one watch them once in a while (like when I need to clip her nails . . .) - though she asks to "watch Jesus" much more often than that. :>) I looked them up online a few months ago and was astonished at the cost - so you're lucky to have them for yourselves!

I actually clicked through over here a while back (from Amy's Finer Things, no?) and thought long and hard about leaving a comment but didn't know if I was being too nerdy. Guess I have my answer! Hee. I've actually met a "LeNetta" before, but I think we're a pretty rare breed. :>) Thanks for looking me up! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!