Thursday, November 6, 2008

When they're sick...

Recently a Mommy with an adorable little one-year-old
baby girl expressed to me what we as parents all experience
at some point: the sadness of a sick child!

These simple reminders came to mind.
Perhaps they'll encourage you... EVEN if you DON'T have kids.
Basically love, patience and lotsa cuddling can solve alot of
problems in a lot of areas of life... not just kids!
(Well, the "cuddling" part might not be as versatile as the others.)

Keep these in mind:
- You didn't do anything to bring on or prolong the sickness.
The fact that you're so concerned shows that you're a
wonderful parent.

-Although it's so hard to see them just lying around,
take advantage of those precious times when all they want you
to do it hold them, cuddle them and snuggle
(even if it's all night long in a recliner).
It's the best comfort we can give them.

- You know your baby/child best, so follow your instincts.
Our doctor in Youngstown (Dr. Anne Stover) was so good
about reminding me that no one knows baby like mama does.
Trust yourself. God gave her to you and He's instilled in you
that special "radar" to know when something isn't right.

- During times of sickness, I don't worry about housework or
even ministry demands, baby comes first.
Ironically, it's been during these times when I just dropped off the
face of the earth for a week or so to care for my children that
the girls/ladies in our ministry will comment that they're so
encouraged to see me prioritize and live out my highest calling -
being a wife & mom!

Simple thoughts, yes.
But instead of always trying to "give someone the right answer",
maybe that person- child or adult- in our path today just needs
love, attention and compassion!

(We don't have these DVDs listed below, we just watch'um on TV...
love the music and how it gives music education. Hmm, maybe I
should have the big girls watch it, too!)

Currently Watching
Little Einsteins: Fall 2008 DVD 3 Pack
By Little Einsteins


Netta's guy! said...

my kids have the BEST mommy in the world!

Lana said...

We needed these reminders at our house today! And Nathaniel would love to be watching Little Einsteins with his cousins! In fact, we have a "date" with the Disney channel in 20 minutes for that very show. :)

Cherith said...

oh wow. I am sick right now and what I would do for some mommy lovin!!! I loved it so much when my mom would take care of me. (she still does, just from a distance) Great post!! I can't wait to be a mommy!

dr. mo said...

great post! kids will be coming one of these days! I know sickness is a part of it, so I hope I'm ready.

as for the big kids watching those shows...I STILL get mesmerized if Sesame Street comes on. When I was an undergrad, Sesame Street played around lunchtime and it was always on in the dorm lounge where people would eat. I guess it kept us civil. And educated ):