Friday, November 14, 2008

THANKFUL for the Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table is FAR more than the place we sit to eat a meal.
On my 40th B-day, my family gave me a cool Ikea table...
and I'm so THANKFUL for it!
(It's long & narrow and makes our small kitchen much
more efficient. The picture isn't the exact table, but it's close.)

It serves a zillion purposes.... here's a few!
(in no particular order)

-plan menus & grocery shopping list each week
-grade homeschool papers & record grades
-Zoe's homeschool desk
-cutting table for sewing projects
-sewing table that hold the sewing machine
-painting easel for pudding artists
-craft table for all sorts of crafts & projects that make huge messes
-game table
-food prep station since cabinet space is limited
-computer desk
-playdough station
-crayon creation station
-puzzle place
-bill paying desk
-weekly organizing desk
-homemade mini pizza production line
-letter writing desk (yes, I still do a few of those)
-gift wrapping counter
-Memory Verse review center
-Conversation circle (well, it's a rectangle, actually)
-Serving Counter when large groups come over
-Quilting Corner for pinning & sewing large projects

-Oh...yeah... we eat 3 meals a day at this table, too!

I'm THANKFUL for my cool, black long & skinny TABLE!

What other things do you use your kitchen table for?

God Rocks! Living Stones
By God Rocks!


man said...

when you're all asleep, I use it for a bed... :D

Lana said...

Wow - what an awesome list! Almost anything I could think of was already among your list...except, fila (stuffed grape leaves) wrapping table. :) Wish I could be at your table tomorrow!

mo said...

haha pudding artists? what's that?

up until recently, we used our kitchen table as an expensive junk mail holder. but we just got some organizational things (also from Ikea) so hopefully we won't do that anymore :)

freddie said...

haha, this is a great list! you have a wonderful family! I am so glad to be your friend, you have no idea! I don't think we use our table nearly as much as we could, we're still breaking it in! But growing our table was used for everything! the best - baking cookies and goodies with mom and dad!
Oh, and I'd love the advice! Can't wait!

Netta said...

Hey Mo... "pudding artist" was a typo...supposed to be "budding artist".
But your comment reminded me of when I worked at a daycare center and we would scoop a plop of pudding on the table in front of the kids and just let them go crazy... like finger paint! I'd forgotten all about that! So... THANKS! Another idea for table use-age!

Mary Beth said...

I didn't even think twice about 'pudding artist' have been the one who has cleaned up past "pudding art".

Yea for a new table!

Mary Beth said...

Oh... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to the 40's! It's a blast!

mo said...

haha...i love it when typos make their own sense :)