Thursday, October 16, 2008

"WeeeeeeRRRRRe good, We're GREAT!!!"

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"WeeeeRRRRE good, We're GREAT!"

Yeah, it was a cheer...

"We're good, we're great!
Yeah we're the team that really rates.
We're awesome.
We're tops!
Oh yeah, we got what they don't got!"

(Nice English, huh? It makes me cringe, but
I can still remember the moves to this cheer!)

But this morning in between the times I was
hitting my snooze (NOT the topic of this blog, today)
God gently whispered to me...
"Don't be consumed with doing what's good
and neglect what's GREAT!"

Not a new statement for any of us... and .... yet...
how often do we actually make a point to
DO the things in our lives that God has

(Hint... these are usually the things that no one else
really sees... we know what they are!)

I'm doing what's GREAT!
and that makes me wanna CHEER!

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1 comment:

Chilly... said...

this cheer can't truly be appreciated by simply reading it... next time you see Netta, demand that she do it for you LIVE! that's how it rolls here at our house!

and, yeah, she can still kick those feet all the way over her head! I'm glad I married a cheerleader! I've needed lots of cheering over the years and we've experienced lots of things to cheer about!