Friday, October 10, 2008

Service With a Smile!


Everything I do today is to be with a
SMILE and JOYFUL heart ...
Cuz everything I'm doing today (and always)
is as worship to Jesus!

What are your "worship" instructions for today?

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a blogsite of your own.... but it would
cool if you at least signed your name!)

Happy Friday... and I typed that with a SMILE!


jennifee :) said...

i LOVE reading your blogs, Netta! I just wanted to let you know that :) love you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE...that is on my agenda...people just want love...simple acts of kindness...your awesome Netta!!

-Jon Neumeister

Lana said...

Netta, I love the look of this site! My instructions for the last two days have been to "sing to the Lord a new song." (Ps. 33:3) The second part of the verse says to "play skillfully..." So...I'm asking the Lord what "new" song He is asking of me while "playing" with a skill He has already (at least partially) developed in me. Wish I could be there to SEE your smile! I MISS you!

Margie said...

my worship today is just to be cheerful and count God's blessings as I go, and to make a joyful noise whereever I go. If it means being kind to the check out person or giving someone a compliment, that's my worship for the day!

Erica Simpson :) said...

my worship today was serving my husband (i'm making a chicken casserole for din din YUM! :) and spending time reveling in His REST! (it's my day off!!)
i LOVE reading and keeping updated with real church through your blog. you're wonderful!