Friday, September 19, 2008


Noxzema - Cleansing Cream, Original - 10.75 oz
As a preteen I was introduce to this facial cleanser!

My Mom instilled in me the importance of
daily cleansing, morning & night.
My complexion was a reflection of
good, basic skincare.

As I got older I tried fancier stuff...
and now that I've turned... older...
I've tried a wide assortment
of "anti-this" and "anti-that" creams & cleansers.
Nothing has changed, really.
They're all just more expensive.

Then... a couple of weeks ago I bought another
blue tub of Noxema for my girls only to be told...
"We don't need anymore right now, Mom."

Oh... um... I'm nearly out of my "You're-fighting-getting-
old-and-wrinkly-cream" ... perhaps I'll just use it until
I can get more of mine.

As I opened the jar, the refreshing smell of basic,
uncomplicated cleanser hit me... in the heart.

This is the story of our lives!

We give our lives to Jesus and fall in love with Him.
Pure, uncomplicated cleansing repentance... daily!
We can't live with out that clean, fresh-hearted joy!

Then we start to mature (not a bad thing), unless when
we forget that daily, simple relationship....

-reading the WORD with no preconceived ideas...

-praising Him because He saved us by His Grace
(not cuz we got what we had hoped for that day)

-taking responsibility for our sins.. .and repenting!
(instead of blaming someone or something else)

I'm in LOVE with JESUS!
The fresh, honest, real relationship with Jesus...
that's not just for "baby Christians"...
It's the basis for it ALL!

Yes... bring on the DAILY cleansing, Jesus!
and you, too, Noxema.

(oh, and by the way...
my skin looks & feels great!
Eat your heart out beauty industry!)

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