Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Thankful Heart

  • During the days of our vacation I jotted down
    bullet points of the things I loved.
    Here's a sampling:

    -Slept in nearly everyday because my girls
    took turns getting up with the little boys!

    -The breeze & sound of the "waves"
    outside our bedroom window

    - Feather pillows and the snuggly
    down comforter.

    -Watchin' a 2 hr. rerun of America's
    Funniest Videos with my ZoBug

    -Finishing a book ("The Almost True Story
    of Ryan Fischer" by )

    -Max playin' happily in the sand for ever

    -Chasey singing "Your Attitude" a zillion
    times on the little wall at the end of the yard.

    -Riley & Court crackin' up during their week-long
    card game tourney

    -Realizing that Zoe is a water bug & couldn't stay
    out of the water

    -Smiling as Courtney discovered she really likes to
    row out in the one-man boat, going back & forth
    in the bright sunshine

    -Eating grilled steak & baked potatoes on the patio
    while watching the sailboats play a weird game
    of "Duck, Duck, Boat"... it really looked like it!

    -Laughing as Chilly told the boys that they were all

    -Laughing even harder when he said
    Max was LUCKY DAY
    Chase was LITTLE NEDDY NEEDLEwhatever
    and Chilly was DUSTY BOTTOMS!

    -Then completely losing it as he taught them
    the THREE AMIGOS theme DANCE!!!

    -Watching Zoe carefully mold, shape & decorate
    her sand cake

    -Getting groceries with Riley on our first day and
    getting stuck waiting for a slow train with 162 cars!

    -Having popcicles or ice cream everyday

    -Finishing another book (listed below)

    -Sticking my feet in the sand & asking Chasey,
    "Where'd Mommy's feet go?" and watching
    him dig & dig until he found them

    -Sitting in the "hot pool" all alone, admiring
    the stars and the hugeness of God, yet be
    aware of His tender closeness

    I think writing down great moments -
    little clips of time-
    will remind me of the huge-mongeous
    thrill of being a wife & parent!

    Currently Reading
    200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One: Creating a Life of Meaning and Influence
    By Shawn Wood

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