Thursday, September 25, 2008

Experience AND know?

  • A friend experienced a long car trip with me
    and my (then) 4 kids... we got to know each
    other better!

    A friend often goes grocery shopping with me
    and my boys... there's usually a combo of
    laughter, creativity, near chaos & lotsa roll'n
    with the punches. We've become closer through
    those moments.

    A friend & I take our kids to parks, museums, etc.
    It gets loud with laughter and even louder with crying.
    Sharing these times brings us closer.

    Cooking side-by-side with my girls, bumping
    into each other, spilling stuff and laughing, too.
    We experience it together... we know each other better!

    Moments - both good & bad- are opportunities to take
    relationships deeper. Going down a road together makes
    memories & bonds... but we stop short when it come to JESUS.

    Have you ever told God that you'd be happy
    to go down "that" road when you know Him better?
    (whatever the "That" part is to you?)

    The New Testament word for KNOW?
    Know- to discover, to experience

    In order to really KNOW God we must be willing
    to experience the challenges with Him,
    walk through the stuff with Him,
    and obey in our weakness.
    During the shared experiences with Jesus
    our heart begins to open up,
    trust and
    know Him on a deeper level.

    We wouldn't expect a friendship to grow
    without shared experiences.
    We wouldn't expect a friend to open their life in
    raw honesty if we never shared any of our own
    real selves with them.
    Yet, we kinda expect that from Jesus.

    "When I know you MORE, Jesus, I'll trust You."

    But, NO! We must say....

    "Jesus, I'll know you more as I trust You."

    I'm choosing to view my challenging situations
    as opportunities to know God more:

    - Making use of my small, oddly arranged house
    -Homeschooling a HS, JR Hi & Elem. child
    -Patience to nurture my 3 yr. old & 2 yr. old
    -Living in the city, close to everyone, but kinda far from
    everything (shopping & groceries, that is)

    These are not just challenges to live through,
    these are streets of my life that I'm walking down,
    holding hands with my Heavenly Daddy,
    and... KNOWING Him!

    (our street! our Zoe!)

    I really DO have the large funny. It was
    gift from my parents in 1984... I was in High School
    Currently Reading
    Large Print Thompson Chain Reference Bible-NIV


Mary Beth said...

Netta you are such an example of grace and Jesus in you. Thanks for your ministry, your heart, and your wisdom.

Margie said...

I love this post!!