Sunday, December 27, 2009

Whatever, Whenever, However!

Looking forward to the next step.
New people to reach.
New area of the city.
I love Detroit.
Midtown- so full of history & variety.

Living in limbo for months & months.
Not knowing what or when or WHY the wait...
simply knowing what God said.
Hanging on to that.
Obeying that.
It has to be enough.
Anything more would be man-made,
and that's recipe for trouble.

God doesn't lie.
He doesn't mislead.
He doesn't mess with us.
But my feelings, do... all of those things.
They lie to me.
Mislead me.
Mess me up.
They try to discourage me.

My feelings want "NOW!"
My feelings want "HOW!"
My feelings aren't getting what they want-
it can be very discouraging.
If I focus on "how things are effecting me",
then I'm a mess,
for sure

But my feelings won't rule me.
It's not about ME.
I choose JESUS!

My life belongs to JESUS.
He can do

Life is really ONLY about YOU, JESUS!

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