Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things Overheard in Our House Recently...

(No promise of humor or insight of any kind...
just random facts that give you a peek into
our lives lately.)

(Jos Campau Street in Hamtramck at Christmas time)

"Mom, are you going anywhere today? We never go anywhere."

"Mama, please play a game with me!"

"I'm cold."

"Do you think the boys' room is warm enough?"

"Hey, Kids! Look outside!!! It's SNOWING! Yippee!"

"Where's my other glove?"

"Where are you going all bundled up?"
"The basement, just doing laundry."

"Would someone please let the dog out?"

"Would someone Please let the dog in?"

"Would someone PLEASE clean up the muddy dog prints
on the kitchen floor?"

"Did you hear the radio commercial raising money for the pets of
people who have lost their jobs. What's with that?"

"Let it snow... MORE!"

"No, Son, you don't need to wear your boots in the house!"

"No, we haven't found a building for the next Real Church...

"Shhh. Please be very quiet for a minute while a make a phone call."

"Can we go to the craft store.... again?"

"I REALLY like driving the new (well, new to us) Suburban!!!"

"Online versions of stores are nothing like the actual stores."

"What? Christmas decor 60% off even though it's still over a week until
the Big Day!"

"Crazy. Valentine Decor is now taking up TWO rows of craft store. Grr"

"Mom, can I have a Valentine's Party with some girls from church?"

Little Ones: "Mom, another package on the porch. It's for you!
How come you keep getting all the presents in the mail?"
Mom: "Please just putt'um in my room & leave'um alone!"

"What are you doing Mom?"
"It's Christmastime, remember? I don't have to explain
anything... secrets are allowed!" (smile)

"Hey, Mom already said I could help wrap those presents!"

"I've had this ready for weeks. But if it doesn't get mailed
soon it's gunna be late... again this year!"

"A package came for ALL of us! Can we open it NOW?"Pleease?"

"Mom, please tell him to stop talking! MOM!
MOM! Please! Would you PLEASE tell him to stop talking!
MOM!?! He will NOT be quiet. MOOOOOM?"

"You must not believe in Santa cuz you're being baaaad!"
(it's NOT the parents saying this!)

"What is this? Do I have to eat it?"

"Can I have a cookie if I eat this?"

"Oh, did you make some poppy seed bread for us, too?"

"Can I please have another turn on the computer?"

"Can I play wii? I haven't played it today?"

"What do you mean we're not getting presents that require
batteries or that plug in?"

"Can you please turn up the music?"

"Can you please turn down the music?"

"Watch, Mom. This is the song we're doing on Stage at
Church. Watch. Mom, WATCH!"

"Can we just stop doing school for now & start Christmas
break already?"

"Can I watch a Christmas show?"

"Charlie Brown shows are sad. I don't like'um."

"Can I invite the neighbors to my Christmas play?"

"Look, I made a picture of Baby Jesus."

...... and then...

......I Smile....

(Smiles don't make noise, but they speak
louder than all the rest!)


Coach said...

"What do you mean we're not getting presents that require batteries or that plug in?" That they know of...

The smile comment at the end is great!

The menus you posted sound very good!

Anonymous said...

i liked the one about not believing in Santa - b/c you're being bad.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the one that says you dont have to answer any questions because it's Christmas time. my mom would always pull that one on my sisters and I. our birthdays are in September so the rule is no questions after our birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

"Heard at my house this morning: "Mom, how big are baby sting rays?" "

Anonymous said...

"oh Netta, that made me I think I needed to catch my breath for a second *L* Love ya... Have a great CHRISTmas......"


Shelby Maidment said...

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